March 9, 2020

Top 5 things to do in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Located on the west coast of the Hawaiian Island of Maui, Lahaina a booming town with much to offer. Known for its incredible mountain views, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and even luxury shopping, Lahaina is the perfect place to stay on your trip to Hawaii. And with so much to offer, you won’t have any trouble entertaining yourself during your stay. But, to make your vacation planning even easier, here we have compiled a list of our top 5 things to do in Lahaina, Maui!

Hiking At The Kapalua Coastal Trail
The Kapalua Coastal Trail isn’t just any ordinary hiking trail; it starts from the bay of Kapalua beach, runs across the Oneloa beach and ends at DT Fleming Beach Park. Therefore, this trail is not only a great workout and day activity, but it will also provide you with some of the most serene views of any trail you have ever been on. Trust us. While hiking on this trail, hikers will see incredible tropical plants, and get exclusive breathtaking views of Lahaina’s white sandy beaches meeting the rough pacific water. Paradise personified. This trail will give you a true appreciation for the moment you are in and the vacation which you have chosen.

Take A Trip To Lahaina’s Front Street
The America Planning Associated named this street in their top 10 greatest streets. This street is known worldwide for its dynamic atmosphere and shops. When you plan on visiting this street, don’t ask about what it has; ask about what it doesn’t have! It has it all, incredible restaurants and bars, clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, art galleries and most important of all, a lively and upbeat crowd. For those interested in spending much time in Lahaina town, make sure to find an accommodation near the famous Front Street.

Visit The Famous Banyan Tree
Visit the famous banyan tree in Lahaina’s banyan tree park and you’ll be in awe of nature itself. The seed of the Banyan tree was a gift from Indian missionaries and was planted in 1873, which means that this tree is a whole 53,616 days old. No trip to Lahaina is complete without taking a picture with this incredible 60-foot-tall tree or enjoying a picnic underneath this massive tree, covering almost 200 feet.

Visit The Dragons Teeth
Tourists from all around the world go wild for the opportunity to step inside the dragon’s mouth when in Lahaina. Dragons Teeth is an incredible sight to see, they are multiple jagged teeth like formations birthed by two different forces of nature. The lava from West Maui’s volcano poured into the pacific water, where the wind and waves forced it to move back. During this the lava cooled and formed what seem to be an entire wall of dragon teeth; perfect for a Social Media moment.

Whale Watching Cruise
Before ending your trip to Lahaina make sure to take a cruise from Lahaina’s harbor for an incredible experience of whale watching. The yacht will take you, from the harbor into the ocean, where you can see many different whales come to the surface alongside your boat. For those lucky, these whales sometimes even put on a show for the cruise ship!

Whether you’re a student on your spring vacation or a business tycoon, Lahaina, Maui will have something for you. Lahaina is the place to be to reconnect with nature and to have a wonderful time with the locals. Those more geared towards luxury vacations, Lahaina certainly won’t disappoint. With a multitude of luxury restaurants, stores and accommodations Lahaina, Maui truly has it all. Do you want to stay in the most beautiful villas Lahaina has to offer? View our selection of luxury villa rentals in Lahaina, Maui !